Sri Lanka Counsellors and Complementary Therapist provides healthcare to the underprivileged people in Sri Lanka 

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Training, Lectures, Private Consultations and Health Camps



We are organizing Energy Healing Workshop to train a new generation of Complementary Therapists to take in charge the population that can’t easily access to medical service. Energy Healing is part of Complementary, Natural and Holistic Medicine. It is a drug-free approach that needs very few equipment. The participants can have a background in a health field (ex. Medical doctor, nurse, Ayurvedic Doctors, etc.) or can also be new in the word of Healing. At the end of all LEVELS of this training, participant become proefficient Therapists.

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The Imago Clinical Training provides with an overview of the theory, and essential skills for working with couples. It is designed for therapists at all levels to develop proficiency in the Imago approach to working with couples and individuals.

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Private consultation 

We provide private consultations in the following fields: Counselling services for children and families, Energy Healing Therapy, Child protection, and Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation.

Complementary Therapist




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Prevention of Psychoactive Substances Abuse Program

We provide comprehesive a multidisciplinary program in prevention of psychoactice subtances that include individual treatment and Group lectures.

Drug and addiction




A large percentage of the Sri Lankan population lives in shanties, slums or dilapidated old housing schemes